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FREE accessory program that can be added to your current program, ideally at the end of a moderate to heavy session (not preceding).


These exercises are targeted at direct loading of the hamstrings, glutes and lats.  Time under tension is addressed differently for each muscle group each day to insure weaknesses & asymmetries are addressed.  Ranging from exercises focused on eccentric (lengthening), isometric (static), and concentric (shortening) muscle contractions.   


This type of accessory work is best utilized further out from competition and transitions well into more weightlifting specific accessory work (pulls, RDL in snatch/clean grip, etc.).


Program progresses weekly in volume, then loading.


x3 weeks

x3 days/week 

Delivered through our Remote Coaching App that includes our entire exercise video library, instructions, and messenger to connect with a coach if you have questions along the way.

To Get Started:

  1. Download the Free "TrainHeroic" Mobile App

  2. Create Your Free TrainHeroic Account

  3. Enter Access Code:  NetworkBarbellPchain


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